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In order to provide differentiated price and best quality of food to customers' ships, we provide food selected only after extensive research and inspection, prioritize customer needs, and provide a wide variety of ship goods at a fast, accurate, and reasonable price through catalogs such as ISSA and IMPA CODE
Vegetables & Fruit
  • Offering reasonable product prices through direct auction bidding at the agricultural market early every morning.
  • Ensuring the best freshness through same-day product purchase
Dairy Products
  • Providing a wide range of dairy products to your liking at reasonable prices
  • Fresh processed dairy products using only premium milk
Bottled Water & Beverages
  • Securing the best price competitiveness through direct transactions with bottled water manufacturing plants
  • Providing a variety of imported beverage products
Fishing Gear & Ropes
  • Production of fishing gear and ropes for successful operation
  • Customized provision is made available by product manualization and sample management based on years of experie
  • Providing high quality and price competitiveness through direct connection with manufacturing plants
  • Ensuring the best customer satisfaction with a wide range of brands and diverse products
  • Quick feedback for additional and repurchase requests (customization is available)