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We provide professional quarantine services through a “Defectless Quarantine System”. We Will create a clean and safe environment for our customers for 365 days a year using only harmless chemicals approved by the Korean Ministry of Environment and the U.S. FDA

Establishment of a specialized quarantine system reflecting expertise and know-how

Defectless Quarantine System
  • Membership registration of the Korea Pest Control Association and U.S. FDA
  • Department of Environment Safety Verification and U.S. FDA- approved authorized chemicals
  • Conducting quarantine procedures through the latest quarantine policies and manuals
  • Customized quarantine using the latest equipment such as ultra-fine particle injection machines
Ships & Pier quarantine
  • Customized quarantine with ship shipping agent
  • Quarantine by checking the interior plan and structure of the ship
Containers & Cargo Quarantine
  • Quarantine through import and export expertise
  • Quarantine and implementation of individual cargoes through the experience of a specialist in handling frozen cargo
Building & Living Quarantine
  • Legal obligation quarantine and regular management throughout the building and living life
  • Simultaneous virus and pest quarantine
  • Providing an environment safe viruses 365 days a year