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Specialized Agency for Frozen Products

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Specialized Agency
for Frozen Products

With specialized expertise and infrastructure in the field of frozen seafood cargo, Global Star delivers all types of seafood quickly, accurately and safely to our customer's desired destinations, with its arrival in the best condition.
Refrigerated, frozen cargo loading & offloading
  • The predominant agency for handling Russian and Alaskan frozen seafood products
  • Experts in the handling of TS and BWT cargo
  • Recognized frozen cargo handling services worldwide
Warehousing& Management
  • Timely logistics services linking warehousing & storage, packaging and shipment
  • Strict, real-time management and investigation of the cargo condition, packaging and temperature
  • Zero Damage = Zero Claim
The predominant agent for pollock roe auctions
  • Guarantee of best price in the current market providing accurate and definite market information.
  • Securing the safety of the products
The latest equipment & technology
  • Self-generators and air curtains
  • Communication with customers through wired and wireless internet onsite
  • High-tech logistics information system
  • Competitive freight rate through our large volume of cargo handling
  • Providing timely schedules and prompt Door-to-Door Service
  • Thorough supervision for transportation processes
Customized logistics portal service
  • Internal import and export Customs clearance
  • Online operation reporting and integrated inventory management service
  • Proactive legal department helping with claims and potential lawsuits